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David Yellowhorse

Navajo Artist

David Yellowhorse is a world renowned, 4th generation Native American Inlay Artist.  His highly respected reputation has brought him worldwide recognition, and Heritage Collectables is proud to have had the opportunity to work with, and market his exclusive Limited Edition creations for close to 20 years.  Included in the many commemoratives we have partnered with David are the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Collection, Crazy Horse by Yellowhorse, the NCAA Collegiate Collection, Pheasants Forever, Nevada Bighorns, Wyoming Cowboy Joe Club, Chris LeDoux by Yellowhorse, Cuthair II by Yellowhorse and the Nevada Mining Museum.  His Navajo culture and heritage is strongly reflected in his artwork making his handmade, Limited Editions highly sought after by collectors. 

In addition, David has designed and created many one of a kind creations that Heritage Collectables has donated for various fund raisers. These pieces have generated over $300,000.00 to selected organizations.


Dennis Friedly

Dennis is a
Wyoming native and has been a knifemaker for 30 years. He began his knifemaking career with Harvey Draper in 1972 and became a full-time maker in 1979. His knives carry a strong Draper influence, in both style and quality. His work is unmistakable in appearance and known for clean lines and crisp finish. Dennis covers most aspects of the business from miniatures to short swords to working hunters to art daggers and bowies. He took on folders to meet the demands of long-time collectors and customers. Besides working the production stainless steels and carbon steels, he enjoys the exotic Damascus steels now available. Being an avid hunter and outdoorsman enables Dennis to test his products first hand. Thirty years of making has seen lots of new faces and a bunch of sharp edges.

Andre Thorburn
A native of Johannesburg, Andre was raised on a farm outside Warmbaths, where he learned to think for himself and work with his hands. After school he trained as a pastor, married Marietjie and became a family man. In 1989 he met Roelf Swanepoel who introduced him to the art of knife making. He sold his first knife in 1990 to a friend and became a full time knife maker in 1996.
He became a member of the Knife Makers’ Guild of Southern Africa in 1995. Andre believes that custom knives must be excellent in form and function, therefore he also conducts knife making courses to help new knife makers excel.
Andre specializes in full engraved hunters and folders that echo African touches with precise mechanism. He adds detail to his knives with very fine file work on the blades, liners and spacers. He also uses exotic handle materials such as premium MOP, Mammoth Ivory, Wart hog tusk, Hippo Ivory, Giraffe bone and Buffalo horn. His choice of woods includes Desert ironwood and Maple burl. While his selected blade materials include Swedish Damasteel, Swedish 12C27 Sandvik, as well as high grade Damascus by Darryl Meier and Ettore Gianferrari. He uses only titanium liners, often with stainless bolsters. Engraving on his knives is done by Helene Van Wyk and his scrimshaw is done by Guild member Sharon Burger.
In 2006 Heritage Collectables commissioned Andre to create the African Big 5, a spectacular created featured at the Safari Club International Convention, and it sold out very quickly. We always look forward to working with Andre, and feel fortunate to showcase his stunning work.
Andre van Heerden
Having always been fascinated by knives, Andre started his knife making career in 2002. A computer Network Engineer from Pretoria, he is able to build knives on a part-time basis. Quality and workmanship are paramount with Andre and the high quality of his knives reflect that philosophy. He works with some of the finest Damascus makers in the world and chooses white, gold and black MOP, abalone, mammoth and exotic woods for the scales. Andre joined The Knife Makers’ Guild of Southern Africa in 2003 and won “Best New Knifemaker” at the 2003 Guild show.
Heritage Collectables is thrilled to be associated with Andre and will feature his highly collected artwork whenever they become available.

LeRoy Remer

Leroy Remer has over 27 years experience making custom knives, with 17 of those years working in the Buck Knvies Custom Shop. Leroy's dedication to his trade, shows in the attention to detail and craftsmanship you will find in all of the items he sells.

Wilde Bill Cody

Yes, that is my real name! I am from San Diego, CA. and a Vietnam Veteran. I had this love for knives since I was a kid and my mom made swords out of cardboard and tinfoil for me. In the Navy I was a cook so I used a knife every day and sharpened them on the stones. Then I got a job at Buck Knives where I worked for 30 years, in productions and the Custom Department until August 2009. Now I design for Buck's Special Projects department as an outside collaborator.

Sharon Burger
A member of the Knife Makers’ Guild of Southern Africa, Sharon Burger has earned a worldwide reputation as one of the finest scrimshander in the business. Scrimshaw is a highly skilled form of art, originating with the ancient Whalers and Eskimos. She attained her membership in the Guild in 1997 and has never looked back. Sharon began her career in 1995 when she was introduced to Toi Skellern, a highly respected South African scrimshaw artist. Scrimshaw is practiced in two techniques. Stippling and cutting. Sharon prefers stippling which allows a fine, detailed scene. Her favorite subject matter consists of portraits and close up animals scenes. As Sharon says, “I tend to become obsessed with fine detail, particularly when doing eyes.” Her choice of materials includes elephant Ivory, Warthog tuck, hippo tooth, whale’s tooth, buffalo horn, mammoth, mastodon and walrus.
Heritage Collectables is honored to be associated with Sharon and is proud to offer her amazing art on selected editions.

Rick Dunkerley

Rick was born in Sharon , Pennsylvania and after high school spent four years in the US Air force where he trained guard, drug and bomb sniffing dogs. Rick first started making knives in 1984 and after moving to Montana in 1985 his interest in the craft increased. He made stainless steel hunters and utility knives until 1991, when he began forging carbon steek knives and creating damascus steel. Rick joined the American Bladesmith Society a year later. Since receiving his journeyman smith rating in 1995, Rick's main focus has been damascus steel, particularly mosiac and composite bar blades. He attained the American Bladesmith Society Mastersmith rating in 1997 and in 2002 was selected to the Board of Directors of that organization. He has been a full time knifemaker since 1996 and now specializes in damascus folding knives and also enjoys making Bowie or Persian style straight knives.



Michael Quesenberry

Michael Quensenberry began his knife making career in 2005. It was soon realized by his mentors that Michael was a talented natural.  In just 4 short years Michael earned his "Journey Smith Bladesmith" rating in Atlanta, Georgia and is already producing Mastersmith quality work. He is eligible to take his Mastersmith test in 2011. The majority of his knives are forged, but on occasion he will do stock removal on stainless steel at a customer's request. From forging the steel to leather work, Michael enjoys the process of creating a one-of-a-kind piece. "A custom knife should do three things well: Be visually appealing, well-balanced in the hand, and hold a razor-sharp edge." Everything is done "In-house", including Damascus, heat treating, and cryogenic treatment. He also specializes in daggers, bowies and hunters and his designs are a balance of solid construction and techniques with visual appeal.




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